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Jennifer Rosewald - Success and Satisfaction

Do you manage your mood as well as you manage everything else in your life? 

Do you find yourself in a "snark loop" (tense, frustrated) or on "the hamster wheel of worry (fear, loathing)? And is that keeping you from realizing --  and appreciating -- your achievements? 

My 3-D Formula: Desire, Decide, Do - provides simple, practical tips, tools and tactics to get your head in shape and get what you want: better results and a better experience of those results. Success and Satisfaction. 

"We are not thinking machines that feel; rather, we are feeling machines that think." - Antonio Damasio 


Jennifer Rosenwald is dedicated to your having The Good Life: the experience, not just the stuff. Her practical tools, tips and tactics have helped hundreds of clients, employees, and even unsuspecting strangers get what they want.

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Jennifer focuses on the how-to of right thinking and other mood-wrangling perspectives to help busy, productive men and women save time, money, and professional and personal relations.

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Indeed “Happiness first, success follows” is Jennifer’s charge. A former Fortune 500 Managing Director and award-winning trainer, Jennifer is now business/life coach and author/speaker.

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